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New Phone Support Groups-Beginning Jan.2019
Hi Ladies,

I'm so excited to re-open the forums and get back to work with all my sister SMOMS. A huge Thank-you to our new webmaster, Marcy, for her skills connections and magic. This post is about a new form of support--Six (6) Live SMOM Support groups beginning in January 2019!

I'm very excited to announce the formation of 6 monthly support calls available to all Lifetime and Sampling Lifetime Members of  You can become a Lifetime Member for 30-days so you can check out the support groups for $19. You can become a Lifetime Member for the life of for a one-time investment of $97. Joining the SMOMS Community Bulletin Boards as a sister Stepmom on a Mission (SMOM) is Free-FYI. While we will surely tweak this process. Here is the vision for the support group calls beginning in January.

The new forums and the support groups have been redesigned around the section of my new book. This will make it easier for each SMOM to get the focused support and guidance asap. I'm really excited to work with Stepmoms on a Mission.

See you in the forums and on the calls!
Kind Regards to you all, Cathryn

PS  here are some details about the Support Calls and the new Lifetime Membership options.

Details about of the Monthly Support Groups that are part of the Lifetime Memberships:

What are the topics for the support groups?

1. SMOM Self-Awareness & Resentments
2. SMOMS & their Partners
3. SMOMS with their Stepkids & Bio-moms

What are the logistics of each support call?

1. Each call will be 90-minutes.
2. Each group session will be recorded: replays ONLY for Lifetime Members. 
3. The link to access the support calls will be posted in the corresponding Lifetime Support Group Forum
4. Each group will meet one Monday, each month. Schedule will be posted on the SMOMS Forums.
5. Each of the three topics will have two evening sessions: 8pm & 10pm (New York Time)
6. Replays will be archived (and content discussed will be indexed) for all Lifetime Members.
7. Lifetime Members can participate in as many support group calls as they wish. 

How will Cathryn run the Support Groups? 

1. Four SMOMS will work with Cathryn on each 90-minute call. The other participants ideally bring their loving, supportive presence to each call. 
2. The four SMOMS working with Cathryn, will be notified the day of each call. 
3. A unique set of four SMOMS will work with Cathryn on each call, unless there are not enough new SMOMS submitting questions.

How will the Four SMOMS be selected for each call? 

1. Each Support Topic Forum will have a place where Lifetime Members can submit a question to Cathryn for the next call.
2. Cathryn will use her intuition to select the SMOMS for each support call. 
3. All the questions submitted by SMOMS will be reviewed by Cathryn before each call and she will do her best to address to incorporate as many issues as possible in the call. Experience has proven that there are often "themes" to the questions. This helps everyone on the call get some value out of the call whether they work with Cathryn personally or not.  
4. If you submit a question but are not selected as one of the four SMOMS for that call, you can re-submit a question again.  However, be aware your question may be addressed on the call even if you're not talking with Cathryn yourself.
5. Listening to other SMOMS work with Cathryn was one of the most important benefits expressed by all the 2013-2015 workshop attendees. 

When Can I sign up to participate in the support calls?

The new support forums will be opened on (or before) Dec. 1st.

I'm a member of, but not active for awhile, What do I do? 

1. If you're already have a SMOMS username and discover you're a Lifetime Member (see the title under your username when you login), you'll see ALL the new forums. Directions for being part of the support calls will be there. 
2. If you already have a SMOMS username from the past but haven't been here for awhile, when you login, you'll see either Lifetime or "Sister SMOM" below your username. Everyone with a username from the past, even Reading Members are now "Sister SMOM" members and you can now read, write and reply to the regular SMOMS Forums--for FREE!   This is a Thank you for the past and a welcome back option.  There is a fee if you want to work with (or listen to) Cathryn on the Lifetime Support Forums.

How do I become eligible to participate in the Support Forums?

There are two ways to become a Lifetime Member: Pay $19 to sample the support calls for 30-days to decide if you want to invest in a truly Lifetime Membership or purchase a one-time fee of $97 and never have to make another payment for the forums. 

Any questions? 

SMOMS please ask here. 
If you're not a member, use the contact form and I'll post your question (and my reply) here.

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