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"Give a Stepmom an action plan & she can handle just about any situation.
Teach a stepmom new skills & she'll have the wisdom to resolve all variations of that situation for the rest of her life."

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Feedback from Resentment Workshop

QUESTION #1: What is the most impactful benefit you gained from taking this Resentment workshop?

From Callalily, stepmom to 1SD, bio-mom to 4 kids & SMOM since 2014: 

1.  I learned to think about my role as a stepmother differently.  I had so many internal beliefs about what a good mother does and had a really hard time separating that from what a good stepmother does.  Cathryn really helped me be able to take a good look at my beliefs and actions and she supported me in making positive changes that were relevant for my specific situation with my blended family.  

2.  Cathryn helped me to understand aspects about my life that I had never thought of before. I feel like I know myself better and that I understand why I do some of the things that I do. 

3. I learned things that I did not expect to learning a workshop about stepmom's.  We got into some issues that I have with anger and Cathryn's strategies did not just help my stepmother life. It helped make positive changes to my life with my 4 kids & husband.  

4. I feel privileged to know you, Cathryn. I think you are just an amazing woman with so much to share with the world. 

From #1inhisheart, Stepmom to 1ss, SMOM since 2007.

The thing I learned from this workshop that has had the most impact on my SMOM life is how my own emotional wounds from the past have affected how I respond to situations in the present.  By being able to recognize my emotional wounds from the past and understand how they have affected my current relationships and interactions with my DH, SS, and even BM, I have been able to begin the process of healing those wounds and improving those relationships and interactions.

DaisyMae, Stepmom to 1ss, SMOM since 2013 wrote:

The resentment workshop changed my life!  Not only have I learned to manage my PAST resentments, but I have learned/and continue to learn how to handle myself, and situation so that new resentments are not created. The workshop made me cry, made me angry, and working with Cathryn and my fellow SMOMS, I knew I was safe to do so. I had so many hands/voices there to hold me up and validate my feelings, and give me options to move forward. 

This is my second time around in the workshops, and honestly having the first one as a base, this one gave me so much more to grow from. If I had to pick one thing that has impacted me the most, it's seeing my current situation, and knowing that I have the tools and the skills to handle myself in a way that I do not have to allow myself to be walked over and create resentments.  

Post Office Face​, Stepmom to 2 ss, bio-mom to 1 dd, SMOM since 2010 wrote: For me, the resentment workshops had a profound impact on how I viewed situations in my life that felt out of my control.  My stepkids' mom is hostile and actively tries to interfere in our household and the kids' relationships with us.  I felt like I was trying to put out fires constantly and unconsciously believed that their mom had to change to take away the chaos of loving my stepkids and creating a family that included them.  

The resentment workshop was one of the first steps I took down a new path that has brought my tremendous joy and a deeper bond with my husband and stepkids.  Their mom hasn't changed, but I've learned the power of focusing my energy on our ultimate family goals and supporting myself, my husband, and my kids (both step and bio) in the process.  And that makes me feel empowered and proud - I feel like I'm modeling healthy behavior for my kids for when they have to deal with difficult situations in their lives.

QUESTION #2: What would you say to a stepmom whose considering working with Cathryn and taking future workshops?

Callalily adds: 

Cathryn--I have a hard time explaining just how great you are you to other people!  From just talking to someone about a topic for a very brief time, you just seem KNOW things about how they are feeling and what they are thinking.  I was just in awe about how well you could tap into my feelings and what I was thinking. I can't describe how I feel half the time, but you were able to put it in words for me. 

#1inhisheart adds: I highly recommend this workshop and/or working with Cathryn.  Cathryn “gets it.”  It is so obvious when talking to her or reading her essays that she has experience with the trials and tribulations of SMOM life.  It is so validating and reassuring to talk to someone who knows what it’s like and who has advice and suggestions based on firsthand knowledge of stepfamily dynamics.  

DaisyMae adds: I sincerely recommend taking this workshop, not only as a SMOM, but as a human. Looking into ones past can change so many moments in the future. Cathryn has a gift for teaching in a loving compassionate way that really sticks with you, even if it's hard to hear in the moment. 

Post Office Face Adds: Your happiness and well-being is a worthy investment - not only in yourself as a person, but in your marriage and your family.  Be willing to invest the time and money necessary to participate fully in these workshops, because you are worth it.  

While the information and skills you will learn are invaluable, the support you will get from Cathryn and the other participants will help you start to heal wounds and believe in your ability to create a new reality within the situations you find yourself in.

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