Want to GIVE a Membership Scholarship to a Stepmom?  

Want to GET a Membership Scholarship to SMOMS.org?

(Terrific! Either way, we're glad you're here!)

Give a Stepmom a scholarship for becoming a Membership. You can give ay increments of $10, starting with $10. 

We'll give as many membership scholarships as this fund supports.  You can designate a specific stepmom to receive this scholarship or leave it to us. Please Note: This is NOT a tax-deductible donation. But it IS a really nice gift for a Stepmom. 

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Recipient Name (if desired)
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Give a Workshop Scholarship.

Right now there are no workshops scheduled, but there will be in the future. If you would like to contribute to our fund, you can be specific or leave the recipient to our Scholarship Committee.  Either way, it's much appreciated.

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Recipient Name (if desired)
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Questions about GIVING Scholarships.

1.  How much can I contribute? There's a $10minimum and you can give any multiple of $10.  There's no maximum. :-) 

2. What if I want to gift more than one stepmom? That would be great. Just contact Cathryn with the details. She'll work with you to make sure everyone on your list receives your  scholarship. Be sure to let her know if you want to keep it a secret or tell her your name. 

3. Will you contact the recipient or may I?   First we'll confirm the details of the scholarship with you.

 Then you decide: Do you want to give her the good news or shall we? Either way is AOK with us.

6. Will you tell me who gets my scholarship?  Not unless you specifically request the recipient. If this is important to you, we will check with any recipients to see how they feel about this. ​

Any more questions?

Contact Cathryn Bond Doyle via the "Contact" link at the top right of page.       



Want to Apply for a Membership Scholarship so you can become a Member on SMOMS.org forums?

Looking for some tuition support for a "must attend" workshop?​

Please email Cathryn (Contact tap at far right) and you'll receive a brief application.) Scholarships given out as soon as funds available. To date 100% of applications have been approved, thanks to the generosity of our exisiting members. 

FYI: Application process requires NO financial information.

Make a $30 or more contribution to the SMOMS membership Scholarship fund & we'll send you or the stepmom of your choice a FREE special, limited edition SMOMS Mug as a "Thank you."

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