Lessons Learned
Three Suggestions from Veteran Stepmoms​
Lessons from Randi1986
A 29-year old stepmom with 10 years of experience already. Stepmom to 2 (14 & 11.)

1:  I love them with all my heart but I would not have gotten with my dh as young as I did ...it really open my eyes and made me not want my own children...adding more to our family would just be to much financially afford.

2: even though they might not be your bio kids treat them like they are!!! when we first got together I tried to be their friend and not a parent figure but once I figured out that having another parent figure in their life was not a bad thing the ride got a lot smootherSmile

3: always discuss your issues with your partner keeping them bottled up just makes things worse and puts more animosity in the household which the kids do not need...
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