Lessons Learned
Three Suggestions from Veteran Stepmoms​
Rose's List
1. I just read that no matter how good of a woman/wife/person I am - I can not control the success of blending the families. The difficulties we have do not define me as a person. I am not a loser bad person just because things are not smooth. I will just try to be the best parter to DH that I can. The rest will fall where it does.

2. Regarding my frustrations with my skids and their differences from anything I can understand. I need to process my emotions in a healthy way but I do need to process them. Either go out to my car and yell and scream out the pain or Pause and think in the moment - why am I really upset. Or a combination of the two. And to try to address that need. Am I really upset that they ate my left over gluten free lasagne or is it that they constantly cross my boundaries. How can I protect myself and my things?

3. Just look at today. If I look at the next 5 years until SS13 graduates I will panic - I can not do this for that long. But I can do this just for today. Today and it's requirements are definately manageable. I can approach today with a good heart and a smile on my face no matter how I truly feel as I drive home to the house full of teen skids.

Inas63146 replies:

God Bless you.....do you think little kid skids are worse than teens?? The constant need from the little ones have been driving me CRAZY.
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