Lessons Learned
Three Suggestions from Veteran Stepmoms​
Proud2bstep's List

I've been with DH12 years married 8 years. Met his boys when they were 1 & 4. What would I do differently, first off never go on that first date with him, sorry that sounds harsh but single ladies don't date men with kids unless you love drama in your life.

1. I wouldn't take thing so personal, BM hates me but she hates me bc I'm married to her ex. I could be anyone and it wouldn't matter.
2. Let the small stuff go
3. Have DH stand up to BM sooner then he did - took him about 7 years to do it.
4. Get a good lawyer the first time around. you get what you pay for.
5. Take time for yourself and realize your feelings are true but it's not worth getting all upset over. 

Enjoy your Stepkids, they are only young once and this is what I do not regret, I've been a great stepmom and have a great relationship with my boys.
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