Lessons Learned
Three Suggestions from Veteran Stepmoms​
Aussie's List

I feel like I am too new to all this to have properly learnt any lessons yet!! Have been a smom for about a year now - SD7, SD10, SS11.

Things I am continuing to learn...
1. Not take things so personally -skids are still so young and am sure some of what they do is driven by BM's brainwashing and is just plain nasty but some of it is just kids being kids.

2. Not to do everything for the skids because I feel I must to earn their respect as an adult. They will get there in their own time and recognize the choices FDH and I make for them to support them and be there for them - ok this might be pipe dream but I still hold out hope!!

3. FDH and I continue to have private time each day - just for us even when skids are with us OWE - we have done this from day 1 and is has been SO important

PS: I HAVE learned this group is invaluable and the best support EVER - thanks ladies
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