Lessons Learned
Three Suggestions from Veteran Stepmoms​
Regret's List
One stepdaughter age 14.

No kids of my own; suffering through infertility

1) if i could do it again...i wouldn't be in a relationship with someone who had a kid and an exwife.

2) don't try to be friends with the ex wife - What I didn't know is the ex-wife resents me for getting in get way of any possibility of reuniting with the father of her child... Even though they were officially divorced. Because of my infertility - she reminds him that they share a bond which I will never have with him.

3) the ex wife will dangle the kid in front of your husband as a way to get money from him. Expect to pay for EVERYTHING...our lifestyle is cramped because the ex-wife can't seem to afford anything. We pay child support, clothes, lunch money at school, saving for college, health insurance...need i go on?

I wished I had known all these things before getting into this relationship.
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