Lessons Learned
Three Suggestions from Veteran Stepmoms​
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At first I tried to be all the the things DF wanted me to be to SD, but now I have taken a back seat and just let things take it's course. I wanted to please everyone but now I learned some very good lessons.

1. Don't take things personal when it to comes to SD and DF relationship, they have to work out their issues and it's okay for them to do it without me, but I expect DF to inform me of those things.

2. Let things takes it's course and let SD dictate how she wants the relationship with me to go, I no longer take the initiative and look for SD and DF's approval of my efforts.

3. Keep my faith, cause everything happens for a reason and I know that with my faith in God, that everything will turn out the way it should be.

I'm very happy that there is a board like this for step moms, I have come to appreciate my step mother a little more going what I am going through now. Unfortunately, my issue with my step mom wasn't the same as I have with my SD, but I just wish that SM would of understood more with communication, but that is to be discussed another day. Anyhow, thank you for this website and this board to help SM all around it helps a great deal. God bless all SMs!
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