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Cathryn Bond Doyle 
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Want a safe place to vent your feelings, get compassionate feedback on an issue & gain new skills?

So many of us have been at the end of our emotional ropes.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, judged & isolated, come to a place where the first step is to share your feelings.  Yes, ALL those feelings.  Tell your story to other women who truly understand how it feels to be a stepmom.  It's the first step in being able to reclaim your power...feeling (and being) understood and acknowledged.​

    Interested in supportive new ideas & insights from other stepmoms who know how you feel? 

    Not every stepmom is a SMOM. While the 1st important step in healing and growing is getting all the compassion you need.  At, this is the very first thing we want every new member to experience.  Howver, what may make us unique as a site for stepmoms is that we're all about taking that next step in personal growth.  Working on ourselves to become more conscious of what we're feeling, why we're reacting as we do, how to eliminate our resentments & find that happy, close connection with ourselves & our partners.​

    Are you a Stepmom on a Mission?

    ​We call ourselves "SMOMS" for short. A SMOM is a stepmom who is eager, willing and dedicated to learning & growing from whatever situations she faces as a stepmom. 

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