Hi and Welcome to Stepmoms on a Mission®

Formed in March 2000, we began meeting on Wednesday nights for two years, in the photo above are 3 of the original SMOMS, I'm in the middle and Jeannie and Jackie (2 charter SMOMS) are behind and to my right. In March, 2002 I created this website to meet other Stepmoms from around the world and share, learn and support each other.  

The women who are part of "Stepmoms on a Mission®" are amazing giving, energetic, loving and thoughtful women who love their husbands, want to love their Stepkids and are committed to doing their best in every situation. Our success is based primarilly on three things: Creative Problem Solving, emotional processing skills and extremely conscious self-care; all this done in the space of non-judgmental, compassionate, kind support. If this sounds like the place for you, please join us.  Any questions?  I'd be delighted to hear from you!

Best Wishes, Cathryn


The Stepmom's Serenity Prayer

"May I have the patience and humility to believe things can get better,
the willingness and courage to avoid blaming and to
look at my contribution to each situation and...
the energy and flexibility to keep trying new ways to create more love
and less stress in our lives.

Stepmoms on a Mission®
PO Box 7, Medford NJ 08055