Workshop FAQ's
1. Q: DO I have to share personal information about myself in order to take this workshop?
A: Nope. I will ask everyone to share a few things like number of kids in the family, years in the relationship, but nothing about your real name, location, specifics that you want to keep private. Everyone will have a username (ideally a real first name, or nickname) we can call you during the class.  The only 2 people who will know your true identity (and phone number) are me & my webmaster, because of the Paypal component. 

2. Q: Is whatever we share in the workshops confidential?

A: Yes!  It is confidential in a couple of ways.  Before you have access to the private workshop forum, you'll be asked to return a questionaire and within that are a couple of promises you'll make to me and the group about confidentiality.  For example: To keep the content of what we discuss between us (and your partners) agreeing not to share anyone's personal situation with non-workshop members or on the other SMOMS member forums without permission.  I and every workshop member will agree to the confidentiality promises.

3. Q: do I have to be married to be considered a stepmom and take a workshop?
A: Absolutely NOT!  If you live with a partner who has children from a previous relationship, you are whole-heartedly welcome in these workshops as a SMOM.  (Short for StepMom On a Mission.)   

4. Q: How will I get class materials? What's this about recorded lectures?  

A: Please see the Logisitics page for complete details about the 2015 workshops. (Link posted here asap.)

 5. Q: What if I get want extra support during the workshops, will you work with us privately?

A: Yes, Absolutely.  It's been amazing to see the progress that is made during these workshops.  I'll always give students priority and fit you in, via phone or email throughout the workshop.  You may also find workting with a therapist while you're working with me very helpful as well. It seems that when women feel drawn to take these workshops, they are ready to make tremendous changes...and get wonderful results quickly. Most have been thinking about all this stuff for a long time and are just looking for some new skills to apply.

6. Q: Will there be homework or grades in these workshops?

A:  No. There will be some suggested preparations for each working session but nothing turned in or graded.

  7.  Q: I don't want to become a member of yet, do I have to join in order to take the workshop? 

A:  No. While you are attending the workshop you will have a "Guest Pass" of sorts and be able to have access to all the forums.  There are bound to be references to various essays & articles on the forums so this access will be useful and give you a chance to check out the rest of the site.  Once the workshop is over, you will have 30 more days to access all the forums on The Tuition for the workshops is reduced for Participating Members so joining might make sense...however it is never required. 

8. Q. What about sharing what I learn with my partner?

A: I want you all to feel comfortable sharing any workshop materials with your partners. Helping you two get closer is one of our most important missions. If your partner is willing & open-minded,  share whatever you like.  I'm also happy to help any of your partners in private or joint sessions with to support understanding & processing any emotions or questions that come up during the workshops.

Thanks for these questions.​  Any more questions? 

Click here to send your question directly to Cathryn and she'll reply to you and here for the benefit of all.  

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