Cathryn's Mailbox
Hi, welcome to "Cathryn's Mailbox" This feature is being re-opened to the public for the month of March in honor of SMOMS 15th Anniversary.  Cathryn will do her best to answer as many questions as possible.  The questions and replies will be posted onthe public forum on the site. 
  1. Write to Cathryn's Mailbox *=Required Information
    2. Please recap your question in a brief 10-20 word sentence that will describe the basic content of your question. For example: "How do I deal with bio-mom who's unwilling to communicate with me?" or "I feel left out of school related events, what can I do to feel better? or "How can I set stronger boundaries with my skids so I don't feel mistreated?" or "Why does it bother me so much when my skid get's away with things?" You can explain the details in the letter section below. Keep in mind that the goal is to give you insights, practical, tactical and proven approaches to help you feel better and make positive changes in your life situation so be specific in stating what you need or want ideas, advice and support about.

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