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SMOMS® stands for Stepmoms On a Mission®. Led by Stepmom Teacher & Mentor Cathryn Bond Doyle, SMOMS® is dedicated to supporting women in the challenging role of stepmom. Whether married or not, you can be a SMOM if you're looking for new insights & skills for handling stressful situations. Finding ways to honor your needs, stay connected to your partner & find your power are primary goals for Stepmoms on a Mission. Become a forum Member and find support and answers you're looking for. Free Guest Membership to check us out and membership scholarships available as needed. 

There are many different kinds of stepmoms looking for different things from a support group. ​If you're eager to learn more about yourself and share with others who've likely faced what you're facing in a compassionate, non-judgmental place where "Kindness Guideness" prevail, SMOMS.org may be the place for you.  Become a Guest Member for free and decide for yourself. No credit cards required and privacy protected.

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